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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Bright Way to End a Rainy May!

Today is going to be so good, I'm so excited! Do you want to know why it's going to be good? Well, I'll tell you anyway. The weather report says 75 degrees and cloudy! What a perfect day to go take pictures! Also it gets better: my hubby has the day off! Woo hoo!

We planned a little day trip, a drive up one of Utah's many canyons to enjoy the great outdoors. And of course we'll stop and take some pictures on the way, or maybe on the way back. It's going to be a lovely day indeed! We plan on stopping and getting some snacks and candy for the trip and listening to The Beatles the whole way (okay, not really because Ellie--our 5 year old--will constantly be asking to listen to Queen so I guess the Beatles part may need to be adapted as we go). Anyway, it's going to be great! Spending time with my family is at the top of my list of all the things I enjoy. redbag
                                                                              Dress: Target, purse: t bags Las Angeles, Shoes: BC Footwear,
Do you have any plans for this lovely Tuesday (sunny in Utah, not rainy for a change), the last day of May?

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  1. What a darling clutch! Super jealous :D Loving your adorable blog - especially your header!