'/> a Fool for Fashion: Holga 120n

Friday, May 27, 2011

Holga 120n

I recently just purchased my first Holga camera after drooling over other people's pictures. I love this camera, but most of all I love how it's painted. Red velvet did a very nice job with creating a design/painting for this Holga.
Holga 120 N
I have started a little camera family! I love all of my cameras. My husband thinks I'm a little weird because I love to name them all! I haven't come up with her/his name yet? I'm open to suggestions if anyone wants to share them with me. Also, I can't wait to try her (HER?) out!

                                                        Happy long weekend! Love Janel


  1. Love your blog! What kind of camera is that? And is that what you use on all of your photos?

  2. Hi Lucy!

    Love your name btw! This Camera is a Holga, and No I haven't used this one yet. I use a Canon T1i Rebel, with an 85mm-f/1.8 lens (most of the time:)