'/> a Fool for Fashion: 30 for 30 Challenge | Number Nine

Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 for 30 Challenge | Number Nine

                                        dress: Whitney Eve; cardigan: Nordstrom BP; shoes: Shopruche; bag: t bags Los Angeles
This is going to be short and sweet, I have so much to do today! I need to do laundry, clean, to pack and go get food for camping, and--the best part of my day--snuggle up with my kids and watch "Tarzan" for the second time today. I love to just watch them and laugh at all the funny things they say, or to see which parts they laugh at!

I want to enjoy all the time I can get with them before school starts again because then we won't be able to just lie around watching movies together anymore, or at least not as often . . . so anyway, I'm off! I hope you have a lovely Thursday!


  1. i love this 30 for 30 thing. you are doing a fantastic job!

  2. i do love that bag! and you match the wall with it! pretty!

  3. You are so cute! And your shoes & bag are to die for! Love them :)