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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Open Road. . .

We had fun on our little road trip! We could have done without some of the crying and wining but I guess that comes with  parenthood. We arrived at our special spot to take pictures and it turned out to be closed for construction! That bummed us out a little but now I can look forward to another miniature day trip! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the fact that there was still snow on the ground, which would have ruined my spring pictures anyway. We drove back down halfway and found a cute little park on the northern side of the lake. We stopped and let the kids play for a little bit,  had some snacks, and relaxed. I tried taking pictures of our kids but not many of them turned out (lets just say that the kids wouldn't work with me--being stuck in the car for a while is probably pretty lame!). However, we do plan on going back there another day so we can take the kids fishing.

On the way home we talked about where we saw ourselves moving when my husband goes to graduate school next year though, and we discussed all that my hubby still needs to do to get his applications ready. We will miss Utah and our families like crazy but we are also excited to begin a new adventure someplace else. It's nice to be able to talk things through with each other, though, and to know we are both on the same page.

My love

By the way, I'm pleased to introduce my husband Rob and our two adorable children, Ellie (even though she is making a scary face in this picture) and Bobby (who looks skeptical about having his picture taken at all)!

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