'/> a Fool for Fashion: 30 for 30 Challenge | Number Ten

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

30 for 30 Challenge | Number Ten

                                                   shirt: Nordstrom BP; cardigan: Shopruche; pants: Gap; bracelet: Forever21: necklace; DownEast basics.

Yes, I have my hand in a fist, don't ask me why. Ever since I was little I have done the strangest things in pictures. If I wasn't posing, my hands were doing something weird, even in my wedding pictures!

These are quickly becoming my favorite jeans to wear! They're perfect for those fat days because you won't be able to tell you're having a fat day, they just fit so good (not to mention they're really comfy! This shirt is also one of my favorites. It's so cute and feminine that it compliments any outfit.

I'm in love with wearing a bun in my hair, in case you haven't noticed yet! It's just so easy and it's the perfect look for an on-the-go mom (which I am on some days but most other days I'm just a lazy mom . . . )

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  1. I love love love the bun! I've finally figured out how to get my shorter hair up and been wearing it like that all weekend. You look great and that top is to die for :)