'/> a Fool for Fashion: Moab, Ut | Road Trip

Monday, July 25, 2011

Moab, Ut | Road Trip

Here are some pics from our little weekend getaway (from last weekend--I'm  just a little slow). The scenery is so beautiful!

A hole in the Mountain.

I was so happy after taking this picture! We were just talking when I looked up and saw the reflection in my hubby's sunglasses. I gasped and asked him not to move. Made my day.

We went out to this rock for the day. It had tons of caves that connected and went all the way through on all sides (My hubby's dad calls it "Swiss Cheese Rock"). Here's a picture of my kids playing at the entrance to one of the caves.
Don't ask me what my face is doing. I know it's ugly, but look at what's behind me--beautiful!


The ride that got us there! My father-in-law's wife's Jeep. Isn't it nice?

The Jeep and the Razor

My father-in-law also has a pool! My kids are always wanting to go visit--can you blame them? Also, my hubby looks hot here, I'm just saying . . .

If we let her, she would live in the water like a fish (or Ariel, she'd say).
I love how you can see the water splashing.  Well, that's our vacation in pictures. We always love going to Moab because all of the restaurants are so vegetarian-friendly, what with all the granolas (hippies) who live there and all.


  1. These photos are so pretty! I have always wanted to check out the Moab desert. Looks like a great time :)

  2. These pictures are so gorgeous! My family and I will have to take a vacation there some time.

  3. The photo with the reflection in the shades is awesome! Don'tcha just love Moab?!

    Julie Del @ J.Bird