'/> a Fool for Fashion: 30 for 30 Challenge | Number Twenty Eight

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30 for 30 Challenge | Number Twenty Eight

Well, guys, I've been slow as a turtle doing this challenge but it's almost come to an end! Wow! I can't believe I'm almost done. It seems just like yesterday that me and Rob (my hubby) were counting how many I had left and it was something like 25 more! Crazy! 

It's been so fun, I've learned so much! I'm planning to join in on the challenge coming this fall/winter but I'll see how life, etc., is going before I commit to anything. 

I hope everyone's having a great hump day! I for one am a walking bruise. I haven't ridden my bike for awhile and the brakes went out on me while I was going down a small hill--oh, and did I mention my kids were in a bike trailer behind me! Hah! I laugh now because we're all okay, but it was pretty scary to say the least! I ended up running into a wall straight on to prevent my kids from getting hurt. It worked, and they're okay but with me it's a different story. Please laugh with me on this one (really, who would have thought that my brakes would go out?)_MG_6513_MG_6480_MG_6511_MG_6530
                                                       dress: Whitney Eve; pants: Gap; cardigan & bracelet: Forever21; Shoes: Shopruche.


  1. Hi Janel! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really love everything about your outfit here. Gosh, the colour palette is great and I am such a sucker for bows on shoes. xo

  2. I love your outfit! You look so chic! You are brave to do the 30 for 30 challenge! I can't get myself to do it yet, but you make it look fun!


Your blog is adorable and one of my new faves! Definitely following :) Would love for to stop by mine too, and follow if you like! Excited to be bloggy friends!

    Along Abbey Road

  3. Love your blog! Found it through weardrobe!! I am a new follower!!!

    Here is my blog link:


    Maybe we can follow each other??

    Denise :)

  4. Love this look! Cute blog : )

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  5. How cute are you?! I'm In.Love with those shoes!! It's great to see another blogger in Utah! Thanks for stopping my blog the other day. :o)

  6. Your outfit is so lovely. You look beautiful. I am crazy for your striped cardi.

  7. I really like your blog and your photography! I think what you write and take photographs of is very genuine and unique!