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Friday, August 19, 2011

Mostly Black

Yesterday morning, our two-year-old woke up early and since we are not morning people (correction: my hubby and I aren't morning people), my hubby took the first shift and then came and woke me for the second. I ended up turning the TV on to find some cartoons but then came across a special on Jimi Hendrix. Well, our son ended up really liking the show and couldn't take his eyes off of the TV. 

He was so into the show that he ended up cuddling with me for the entire time it was on--big smiles from me! I'll never forget how cute he was, how curious he was about the man on TV. It's times like these that I love being a mom!

Okay, on to the pictures. We took these pictures at an abandoned gas station, one I've been eying for a while. The best part is that I saw other places at this gas station which I thought would make fun pictures as well, so there will likely be more to come from this place._MG_7259_MG_7267_MG_7256_MG_7250_MG_7270                                                                              shirt: Spool No. 72; pants: Gap; shoes: Jessica Simpson.


  1. I am beyond in love with this shirt! <3

    Also love the abandoned gas station - super cool.


  2. I just adore how you style your jeans, and those shoes... oh my goodness. I'll be swooning for days. Happy Friday/weekend! xo veronika

  3. Hi Janel!

    Lovely blog - I found you via IFB! I'm so glad I did, I absolutely love your style and posts! =D Beautiful top, you pull off the outfit so well!

    I'm following you via google =D I'd love it if you could come check out my blog and maybe follow as well?